Advancements in the field of medical sciences have resulted in growth of healthcare industry in India. This has been fuelled by entry of many private players in the medical field leading to an increased demand for healthcare professionals who are not just doctors or nurses. Paramedical technicians provide assistance to medical professionals and there has been an increase in demand of well-trained professionals in hospitals and labs. Increasing health awareness, affordable medical treatment and expansion of medical reach to remote areas have further added to the increasing demand of paramedical technicians. These factors together have created a gigantic employment opportunity.

Under our Allied Healthcare Diploma courses we equip students with necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to enable them to perform a wide range of medical care procedures and tap the above mentioned livelihood options. Max SkillFirst’s courses are affiliated with reputed national bodies and are well-recognized amongst healthcare service providers.

Max SkillFirst has partnered with healthcare service providers for placement of students after successful completion of course. Content standardization as per market requirements, use of technology in training delivery, balanced mix of classroom and practical trainings and assessment based placement assistance are few key differentiators of Max SkillFirst in this domain.

Allied healthcare training programs offered by Max SkillFirst are:

Induction and OnBoarding

Diploma in
Medical Laboratory
Technology (DMLT)

Medical lab technicians assist physicians in diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing various tests and recording results. Their roles also include… read more
Selling Skills and Sales Effectiveness

Diploma in
Medical Imaging
Technology (DMIT)

Radiology technicians are healthcare professionals who specialize in X-Ray and computed tomography (CT) imaging. They perform diagnostic imaging… read more

Service Excellence

Diploma in
Operation Theatre
Technician (DOTT)

Primary responsibilities of operation theatre technicians are preparing and maintaining operation theatre & equipment, assisting surgical team during… read more
Leadership Development for First Time People Manager

Diploma in
Dialysis Technician (DDT)

Under this course, students are trained for handling dialysis machines and using them on patients with acute or chronic kidney failure. Kidney dialysis is used for cleaning the metabolic waste products… read more

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