Max SkillFirst aims to create sales and service excellence by creating win-win solutions, valuing others’ contributions, managing diverse opinions, and building effective relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Before designing the content and training, we first extensively analyse client’s requirements. It helps us in offering the most appropriate and viable solution in cost-effective manner. This method also allows us to create customized training schedule for each customer.

Max SkillFirst, offers a range of training programmes, which include…

Induction and OnBoarding

Induction and

Max SkillFirst’s induction and onboarding programmes are designed to equip new employees and frontline sales professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to kickstart their professional journey… read more

Selling Skills and Sales Effectiveness

Selling Skills and
Sales Effectiveness

Max SkillFirst’s selling skills programmes cover the entire sales cycle – starting with prospecting to closing the sale. This helps both individuals and organisations enhance and optimise their core selling skills… read more

Service Excellence


Max SkillFirst believes that transforming individuals at the behavioural level is the key ingredient to bring a holistic change within organisations and promote overall growth to drive… read more

Leadership Development for First Time People Manager

Leadership Development for First Time People Manager

Max SkillFirst shapes leaders who, in turn, shape the future. Max SkillFirst programmes and workshops on Leadership Development focus on nurturing leaders across roles, across the organisation… read more

Product Training


Max SkillFirst’s product training modules equip the learner to pitch product solutions as per the customer’s needs. This helps achieve faster sales closure and greater customer satisfaction… read more

Compliance and Statutory

and Statutory

Max SkillFirst, helps organisations create awareness amongst their employees to help meet regulatory and compliance requirements. This ensures that micro and macro processes are smoothly set in place… read more

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