World class skilling now has a name – Max SkillFirst. We shape leaders who shape the future.

Max SkillFirst, a part of the $2 billion Max Group, is a professional skilling solutions provider in the sales & service domain. The company’s vision is to impact the sales and service culture in India by being the most admired learning and development organisation. We will achieve this goal by enhancing the competencies and skills of professionals across industries and by making students job-ready through our allied healthcare training programs in healthcare.

Max SkillFirst has been set up with an intent to partner with organisations to “create the most vibrant, disciplined, and enthusiastic sales and service leaders”. Since its inception, Max SkillFirst has been adding to the organizational capabilities across corporates by delivering best-in-class skill development programs in areas of frontline sales and services. Max SkillFirst has also ventured into allied healthcare training space through diploma courses for 12th pass students seeking a career in paramedical field.

The Max SkillFirst advantage lies in the amalgamation of innovative technology and gamified learning content, delivered by best-in-class trainers to provide a unique mix of domain knowledge and proprietary techniques that directly impact results. The focus on business results is built into the DNA of the organisation by mapping training effectiveness to the highest level of evaluation as per the Kirkpatrick model.

The key focus areas of Max SkillFirst are:

  • Offering skill development solutions for frontline sales and service professionals
  • Offering allied healthcare training programs to increase the earning potential of the youth
  • Offering development programmes and learning workshops for first time sales and service managers
  • Equipping executives and managers with industry specific and domain specific knowledge and skills that translate into visible business results
  • Offering role based training, including regulatory and compliance training

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