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The awards are acknowledgements of Max SkillFirst’s vision of impacting sales and services culture in India by being the most admired learning and leadership development organization.

Great Place to Work

Max SkillFirst ranked #5 amongst the Winners of India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces 2019. The organization stood above the average scores of top 50 companies in India when audited on employee trust and culture.

India 5th Great Mid- Size Workplace Max Skill First

Brandon Hall Group Awards

The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards are the most prestigious global awards in the learning and development domain and recognize the top organizations across the world. They are often called the “Academy Awards of Learning”. Max SkillFirst has been winning Brandon Hall Awards every year since its inception.

Year 2019

1. Category:  Best Advance in Corporate Culture Transformation

Entry Title:   Embracing the People First Culture at Max SkillFirst

The winning entry showcased our Corporate Culture Transformation for the Talent Management.


  • Diagnostic Journey – Voice of employees Values & Mind set – Unique identity of Max SkillFirst
  • Manifestation of the Values – Being Cost Effective with maximum return
  • The practices resulted sulting in greater career opportunities, increased team collaboration, employee satisfaction and engagement
Bronze Excellence in Talent Management Max Skill First

2. Category:   Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation

Entry Title:    eCafe for Early Agency Manager Success in Max Bupa Health Insurance

 The winning entry showcased eCafe for Early Agency Manager Success in Max Bupa Health Insurance.


  • Weekly Webinar where trainers and successful sellers shared best practices with New Agency Managers to enable them for achieving the 0-3 month targets
  • Led to positive organizational outcomes
bronze excellence in learning

Year 2018

1. Category:   Best Use of Blended Learning for the Allied Health Diploma Programs

Blended learning methodology seamlessly integrating:

  • Smart classrooms
  • 3D Videos
  • Simulations and eLearning available on Mobile phones
  • Guest faculty lectures
Brandon Hall Group

Year 2017

1. Gold:   Best Use of Video for Learning

Max SkillFirst was presented the award for developing Videos for Max Health Care – for Nursing, Front Office and Security teams and Vision-Mission-Values video for new employee orientation. The videos ‘Simulated the Real Experience’ and included ‘Role-play critical situations’. The uniqueness of the videos was that they featured MHC employees (real characters) – Nurses, FO personnel and Security guards and were shot in Max Hospitals.

Brandon hall group

2. Silver:   Best Advance in Compliance Training

Max SkillFirst won the Silver Award in the Technology category for ULIP compliance training, which was offered via multiple tech platforms such as ELM and IVR, wherein 2500 people were certified in 3 days, thus providing huge support to agency business of Maxlife Insurance.

silver excellence in learning

3. Silver:   Best Use of Mobile Learning

Max SkillFirst won the Silver Award in the Technology category for Max SkillFirst Mobile App that provides virtual classroom on phones of trainees. Since its launch in 2016 to 2017, approximately 1650 users availed training on-the-go through the Max SkillFirst App.

silver excellence in learning

Year 2016

In its very first year, Max SkillFirst won the award in the category “Best Use of Games or Simulations for Learning” for two of its flagship programs, Gamification based Selling Skills Workshop (SSW) and Recruitment Skills Workshop (RSW). The award acknowledges the programs for their proprietary, technology-enabled learning solutions which are designed to provide interactive role-play based simulations. Thus, enabling users to understand and apply the finer nuances of sales and recruitment processes. The programs provide an immersive and visually rich experience for learners.

gold excellence in learning

National Award by World HRD Congress

Max Skillfirst Has won three prestigious National Awards 2017 by World HRD Congress

National Awards 2017 by World HRD Congress

  1. Best Use of Video in a Training Program
  2. Best Sales Development Program
  3. Best Training Initiative for Insurance Sector
World HRD Congress

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