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High Time: Women Break Through the Glass Barriers of Women Inequality in Sales Profession

August 28, 2020| By:maxskillfirst
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While the issue surrounding women equality and gender equity in the Indian corporate sector has been a big change in works for decades, women fighting for a better corporate world of diversity have somewhat shattered the barriers of gender biases. Witnessing the upward trend in the narrative around women equality, the corporate world has undergone a sharp change from women ‘empowerment’ to ‘in-powerment’.

Women battling against gender equity gap have no doubt paved the way for a better corporate world of diversity, but there’s still a long way to go. Even though women in sales consistently outperform their male peers in winning deals, achieving and sometimes exceeding their quota attainments, they are paid much less in commissions and salary.

In sales, the lack of women equality tied in with a staggering gender pay gap surprisingly increases as women make progress in their career. A recent study by Xactly in “State of Gender Equality in Sales” Report states that women in direct sales roles usually earn 22% less than their male teammates and this pay gap subsequently worsens to 25% for women making into leadership roles.

Some of the limitations that women in sales struggle with in making it to the top are:

1. Stereotypes and Biases Women Experience in Sales

Women in sales are highly underestimated and considered weak in competence as opposed to their male counterparts. They are also heavily stereotyped in sales profession as ‘soft’, ‘passive’, ‘weak and over-pushy’, or ‘high-strung’, whereas men seen as ‘sports-minded’, ‘relentless’, ‘hungry’. This gap in representation, inclusion and women equality in a sales workplace eventually boils down to women’s lack of ambition and slows their professional progress in a sales role. There is a dire need for organizations to step up and break through these stereotypes to promote women equality and build a more supporting sales evaluation process in the workplace. It has also been found that by accelerating a high level of gender diversity and women equality in teams, sales organizations can more than double their annual revenue in contrast to their traditional competitors.

2. Lack of Women Sales Leaders in the top-line/leadership roles

According to a study released by Sheryl Sandberg’s Leanln Foundation and McKinsey & Company, only one in 10 senior leaders is a woman, and 50% of men think that’s good enough. These statistics spill out the urgency of promoting women equality and eliminating this inclusion gap from the huge dearth of women in sales leadership roles.

Promoting women equality and prioritizing women leaders in sales can significantly drive business success as they ensure better stability with lower attrition rates and effective development of high-performing sales workforce.

 3. Lack of Equal Opportunities for Women in Sales

Aside from women being factually underestimated, underrepresented and significantly underpaid in sales roles than their male counterparts, there’s also the barrier of 50% less opportunities for female sales professionals to reach top levels of leadership. Factors such as their marital status and assumed inconvenience of women in sales travelling to make sales deals out of set office time frames, owe to the lack of equal opportunities for women in sales.

Supporting women equality and creating a working mechanism for women to have equal opportunities for growth in sales, doesn’t only eliminate the gender equity gap, but also results in higher sales rate and increases profitability.

It is imperative for women to derive self-advocacy through a challenging and multi-faceted sales environment that promotes women equality and is no longer stuck in the spiral of social expectations and misguided judgement barriers. The key to changing the conversation around women equality is for sales organizations to open their eyes to a wide array of diverse talent pool that can stimulate growth in a professional atmosphere actively encouraging women equality. As per Gartner, 62% of the companies who had 45% or more women in their sales ranks drove higher-than larger levels of profitable revenue. As women continue to turn heads in today’s rapidly changing business landscape leading at the top, it’s time for sales organizations to work on their policies promoting women equality, growth in leadership roles for women on merit, create flexible work opportunities and restructure their hiring process with a non-partial approach free from any prejudices.

As a progressive sales transformation training organization, Max SkillFirst is heading towards launching a PG Certificate Program in Sales Management that catalyses women equality to build future women leaders with effective selling skills. At Max SkillFirst, we have always maintained a culture of women equality, empowerment and professional growth with the female strength of 44% in our organization to capture the heights of spiralling success in sales and leadership roles and reducing the prevalent gender gap. We recognise the urgent need of growing sales organizations to create actionable policies promoting women equality and capitalise on the transformative plus points of prioritizing gender equality in sales and skilling individuals to succeed irrespective of their gender.

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