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Max SkillFirst, being one of the top training and development companies, provides the best-in-class ‘training process outsourcing solutions’ which are also known as Managed Learning Services by corporates across major industries.

Max SkillFirst Edge

Max SkillFirst employs 470 professionals and over 424 freelance trainers. In FY 2019, Max SkillFirst imparted over 3.9 Lakh hours of training to more than 1 Lakh learners through 90,000+ sessions.

The Max SkillFirst edge lies in the following 3 key components:

  • Resourceful, Passionate and Accountable Human Capital
  • Impacting Business Results of Customers
  • Unique Recipe of Technology, Content and Delivery

Max SkillFirst has developed over 1,560 hours of content in FY’19 across all accounts by using instructional design principles, leveraging technology and innovation to create high business impact.

Training solutions offered by Max SkillFirst effectively deliver values to its clients through:

  • High- focus training and its impact to business performance
  • Optimizing effectiveness through investments in content & technology
  • Reduced cost & impact on learning curved
  • Robust governance that provides higher accountability and adequate reviews, feedback and corrective mechanism

Key Offerings:

Frontline sales
Frontline service
First Time Manager (FTM)
Manager of Managers

Max SkillFirst Awards

Max SkillFirst has been winning awards for its best-in-class content & methodology. It has won multiple awards like Brandon Hall Group Awards for Excellence.

Bronze Excellence in Talent Management Max Skill First
bronze excellence in learning
Brandon Hall Group
Brandon Hall Group Awards Max Skill First
silver excellence in learning
gold excellence in learning

Diagnostic Approach

Max SkillFirst extensively analyzes the client’s requirements before offering solutions. This helps in offering the most appropriate and viable solution in a cost-effective manner. This method also allows Max SkillFirst to create customized training solutions for each client.

Core Offerings

Managed Learning Services

Max SkillFirst provides end-to-end managed learning services to corporates, ensuring hassle-free L&D administration with high business impact.  Our solutions begin with comprehensive diagnostics to uncover….

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Induction and On-boarding

Max SkillFirst’s Induction and On-boarding program facilitates seamless integration of the new recruit into organization’s culture and values.  It is instrumental in acquainting the new recruits with necessary…..

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Productivity Accelerator

The Productivity Accelerator is a unique program for frontline sales force aiming to provide the time-tested and proven sales processes and tools to improve lead generation, change behaviors….

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Enhancing Effectiveness across all Managerial Roles

The program focuses on maximizing leadership potential of all managers with customized solutions on Building self-awareness as a leader;  Leading team with confidence; …

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Program for New leaders In partnership with Center for Creative Leadership

‘Level Up 4 Leaders’ is a six-month learning journey that helps new leaders gain clarity, direction and understanding of their own leadership potential to go further, faster and higher…

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Productivity Enhancement Solutions by Cohen Brown

Max SkillFirst understands the training challenges of the banking sector and has successfully collaborated with Cohen Brown, an internationally recognized leader in building global banking….

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Max SkillFirst success stories with our clients.

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