Enhancing Effectiveness across all Managerial Roles | Max SkillFirst

Enhancing Effectiveness – First Time Managers and Manager of Managers

The program focuses on maximizing leadership potential of all managers with customized solutions on Building self-awareness as a leader;  Leading team with confidence;  and Leading business by understanding business drivers, strategic planning and execution.

Max SkillFirst focus on the development of Managers’ behavioural dimensions for success. The emphasis is on:

  • A co-branded, 6-month learning journey with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) on Level Up 4 Leaders, gaining clarity, direction and an understanding of your own leadership potential to go further, faster for Frontline Leaders and First-Time Managers
  • Diagnostic based customized solutions for Leaders on building self-awareness as a Leader;  lead team with innovative tools; and lead business by understanding business acumen
Diploma in Operation Theater Technician

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