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Max SkillFirst’s Induction and On-boarding program facilitates seamless integration of the new recruit into organization’s culture and values. It is instrumental in acquainting the new recruits with necessary systems and procedures for early success.

Max SkillFirst’s Induction and On-boarding programs are designed to equip new employees and frontline sales and service professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to kick-start their professional journey.

Max SkillFirst’s induction and on-boarding solutions are flexible while providing a rigorous framework for development. Essentially we equip the new employees with the skills to hit the ground running.

The programs emphasis is on

  1. Alignment with the organisation’s vision, mission and values, and setting the foundation for value-driven culturally integrated employees
  2. Career orientation and overview
  3. To provide a clear path to success by focusing on
    • Domain and technical knowledge
    • Functional knowledge and skills
    • Process orientation
    • Customer & target Market
    • Ways of Working
    • Compliance and regulatory training
On boarding at MaxSkill first

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