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Solutions for Financial and Banking Sector

Max SkillFirst understands the training challenges of the banking sector and has successfully collaborated with Cohen Brown, an internationally recognized leader in building global banking sales-and-service culture and bringing about behavioral change in an organization.

Our joint offerings for Indian Banks are available with a right blend of instructor-led and technology-enabled customized learning solutions in multiple languages. Some of the core solutions include ‘Breakthrough Service Performance’; ‘Branch Service and Sales Series’; and ‘Propractice – a simulation based practice software’.

Glimpse of our joint offering for Indian Banks with a right blend of instructor-led, tech-led learnings and customized content in regional languages are:

Sr.No.Core solutionsJob function
1Maximizing Client Needs Met at New Account Openings with Brand New Clients
  • All financial services industry personnel with sales responsibility
  • Bankers who work in the retail branch
2Breakthrough Service Performance
3Branch Service and Sales Series
  • Frontline employees (Branch personnel who interact with clients or prospective clients I any situations)
4OneBankishm Prospecting Lab
  • Personnel from all business lines
5Call Center Relationship Management Lab
  • Call Center agents (for all call center professionals who interact with callers for service or sales needs)
  • Technology related tools for all functions

Extremely effective and efficient way to achieve and sustain massive verbal performance excellence across a workforce. It is a verbal performance simulator that enables people to “Do it” versus just “Know it.”

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