Employee Value Proposition | Max SkillFirst


“Max SkillFirst shapes your career, by providing you with unique experiences”

Max SkillFirst employees are passionate about developing others and they are provided with the unique experiences required to convert this passion into reality. Max SkillFirst ensures all employees are provided a clear career path to grow as professionals

This is achieved through:

  • An opportunity to work across industries and provide training across levels
  • Experience maps to ensure employees are aware about the experiences required to move ahead as professionals
  • Coaching employees to ensure they are ready for higher opportunities. Hiring external candidates only if a relevant match is not available internally
  • Providing access to cutting edge content, technology-enabled training, seamless integration, support and delivery mechanisms


“Max SkillFirst invests in you, building your brand”

Max SkillFirst is in the business of developing people and prides itself on its structured framework to develop its employees. Max SkillFirst provides an environment that encourages employees to hone their skills, knowledge and attitude on a regular basis

Max SkillFirst invests in:

  • Providing best-in-class certifications and training like, Training Ain’t Telling, Impact, My Team, Six Sigma, Certified Coach, etc
  • Building a mindset for growth by providing continuous mentoring
  • Building on core competencies like problem solving, analytical skills, relationship management, etc. to succeed as a learning and development professional


“Max SkillFirst helps you bloom through a balance of heart, mind and soul”

Max SkillFirst promotes a collaborative and caring environment where learning is truly continuous.

Few unique elements of Max SkillFirst culture are:

  • A fair and transparent environment where all employees are treated equally and are rewarded for the impact they create
  • Open communication channels with high level of accessibility to the leadership team
  • Environment that encourages employees to question, probe, challenge and to be able to make an impact on the customer
  • A caring culture where people are willing to go an extra mile to help others


“Max SkillFirst rewards you fairly for the impact you create for the customers”

Max SkillFirst ensures that all employees are rewarded for the impact they create for the customer. Max SkillFirst promotes meritocracy and transparency where rewards are differentiated on the basis of performance.

Some of the elements of performance driven culture are:

  • Continuous performance tracking to build a high performance team.
  • Performance based variable pay
  • Reward and recognition programmes that are inclusive, widespread, frequent and transparent

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