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Resourceful, Passionate and Accountable Human Capital

We have the best-in-class specialised trainers for delivering impactful training in sales and service domains. These trainers with rich and diverse experience, possess the capability to analyse business problems, explore the corrective actions and recommend solutions that have a direct impact on business. They are passionate about developing people through hands on skill development that these trainers have acquired over the years with adequate coaching, mentoring and training.

Our unique train-the-trainer certification programme provides a rigorous yet personalised learning roadmap for the trainers. These programmes and on-the-job performance assessments equip our trainers to develop and hone the following competencies:

  • Problem solving capability to impact business results
  • Training and facilitation skills to deliver powerful and behaviour changing learning interventions
  • Behavioural and soft skills
  • Product and process knowledge and skills

The trainers possess well-devised instructional strategy with all the requisite tools and learning methodology to create an engaging learning environment. Besides, they have a strong foothold on skill development through demonstrations, role-plays and feedback. There is a conscious effort by the trainers to strengthen the performance enablers – Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habits (KASH) – of the learners. Training effectiveness is further enhanced through dialogue with stakeholders for not only understanding the training needs but also to solve for specific business problems, thereby creating a compelling value proposition for our clients.

Impacting Business and Return on Investments

Our key differentiator is ROI through a design and delivery mechanism with a robust tracking process to ensure that the training solution is indeed delivering the required results. Max SkillFirst’s primary focus is to improve the client output as the training effectiveness is measured based on the business productivity parameters.

Measuring training effectiveness is an imperative for both stakeholders and sponsors of training. At Max SkillFirst, the endeavour is to design training content, deploy technology enablers and build an eco-system to measure training effectiveness in line with the Kirkpatrick Model.

Following are the levels for measuring training effectiveness:

Level 1 and 2

Embedded in the content design and delivery stage itself. Participant feedback (Reaction) is analysed and collated for every training intervention to identify its overall pros and cons.

Level 3

At this level the change in behaviour of the participants is measured through formal feedback from supervisors to identify the quantum of change in habits and behaviours, including adoption and convincing use of technology enabled sales tools.

Level 4

Great emphasis is placed on measuring the impact of training on Business Outcomes (Results) at Level 4. This is done through measuring change in productivity, increase in sales and persistency and adoption rate for products.

Unique Recipe of Technology, Content and Delivery

Max SkillFirst’s unique High Tech – High Touch model brings together the best of classroom delivery and digital learning for optimum learning effectiveness.

Max SkillFirst’s offerings include App based learning on the go, live web based training sessions and use of IVR for quick recall.

  • Integrated LMS ensures seamless delivery and automated tracking. The entire value chain right from training delivery to capturing training feedback has been automated by the use of innovative technology
  • The Max SkillFirst App offers a complete life cycle of learning—from pre-assessment to post-assessment. The App offers micro and bite – sized courses to deal with real life situations and scenarios
  • The IVR offering ensures real time help on products and refreshers on call. The recently launched AML compliance training on IVR has been an instant hit with clients and end users

Content is one of Max SkillFirst’s key differentiators. Max SkillFirst has a rich and varied experience in creating best-in-class, next-generation content across different business verticals.

Max SkillFirst leverages technology to transform content into game-based, immersive and adaptive solutions, using real-life scenarios and simulations. This ensures that the content is trainer agnostic, scalable and learner-centric. Its content modules follow robust instructional design principles and are customized not only for audience profile but also for business outcomes. The content is also available in different vernacular languages for wider reach and higher retention.

The unique recipe of technology, content and delivery enables employees to learn requisite skills on any device, ranging from PCs to smart phones, to feature phones as per their need.

High Quality Faculty Members

We have the best-in-class faculty for effective classroom delivery. We understand the impact an instructor can make on the learning graph of his/her students. Therefore, we employ practitioners with 5+ years of industry experience to shape our students’ careers.

Unique Mix of Content, Technology and Delivery

Max SkillFirst uses high end content and technology to bring best of both worlds – classroom learning from teachers and peer group along with digital interventions to increase training efficiency. The curriculum and content are designed as per industry standards and the accreditation bodies.

Clinical Postings and Post-course Placement Assistance

Max SkillFirst has tied-up with leading hospitals for high quality clinical postings. We will provide placements assistance to students in reputed healthcare chains after successful completion of course.

Affiliation with National Bodies

The Allied Healthcare Diploma courses offered by Max SkillFirst is affiliated with a national body Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Employee Value Proposition

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