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People @ Max SkillFirst

At Max SkillFirst we believe people matter the most, since the very inception. Our Employee Value Proposition has only grown stronger and relevant over the years. Management ensures the work culture at Max SkillFirst is rich and evolving.

The 4 Cs of our Employee Value Proposition are:

“Max SkillFirst shapes professionals, by providing employees with unique experiences” At Max SkillFirst , the employees are provided a clear growth path, that consists of:

  • Ample opportunity to work across industries with cross functional teams
  • Experience maps to ensure employees are aware and processes are transparent
  • Employee development programs- internal and external coaching as per the requirements
  • In-house library of real time content and access to tech enabled training & support programs

“Max SkillFirst invests in employees, build them as brand champions”

Max SkillFirst facilitates an environment that encourages employees to hone their skills, knowledge and positive attitude

  • Some of those are – training isn’t telling, impact module, My team, Six Sigma and coach certifications
  • Team Leads are encouraged to establish a mindset of growth through continuous mentoring
  • Imparting regular trainings around problem solving, analytics skills, relationship management for productivity and competency

“Max SkillFirst helps you bloom through a balance of heart, mind and soul”. We promote a collaborative and caring environment where learning is truly continuous. The culture at Max SkillFirst is,

  • Fair and transparent
  • Enables open communication among teams and with leadership
  • Encourages employees to question, probe, challenge for clarity of thought and action
  • Caring where people are willing to go an extra mile to help others

Max SkillFirst rewards fairly.

Max SkillFirst ensures that all employees are rewarded fairly for their extraordinary performances. Max SkillFirst promotes meritocracy and transparency across the departments and teams. We ensure the compensation is:

  • Rewarding and based on consistently tracked performance
  • Incentivized pay scales to ensure no performance goes unnoticed
  • Transparent and evolved employee recognition programs

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